Are You Ready For a New Adventure?

Examining your ordinary world in Stage One is the first step to enlightenment. Stage Two – The Call to Adventure – ignites a fire!

So, how have you been going? Is a ‘fire in your belly’ rising up from deep within you? Perhaps a ‘fire under your bum’ has got you moving? Maybe there is just an increased awareness of a need for change and you are ready.

In storytelling, Stage Two takes place when the hero is presented with a problem, challenge, or adventure to undertake. Once presented with a Call to Adventure, the hero can no longer remain indefinitely in the comfort of the Ordinary World. Something shakes up a situation, either from external pressures or from something rising up from deep within, so the hero must face the beginnings of change.

The Call to Adventure establishes the stakes of the game, and makes clear the hero’s goal: to win the treasure or the lover; get revenge; right a wrong; achieve a dream; confront a challenge, or change a life!



1. The physical Universe never lies. Pay attention to what is showing up in your life. A problem, challenge, or new adventure. Resist the temptation to be a victim of your circumstances and find the opportunity for expansion. WRITE THIS DOWN
2. Take time to meditate; reflect or use any process that helps you tap in to your inner world.
3. Write a Vision for what you want and read it out to someone who is open — minded, accepting and non judgmental.

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Are You Feeling Restless and Bored?

Many stories, movies and books are the classic “rags to riches”, “underdog comes out on top” and other fairytale endings.  These are familiar stories where the central character, or hero overcomes all odds to win out at the end of the day. (See the video below)

The premise of all of these stories sees the hero taken out of the ordinary, mundane world and into a “Special New World”, new and unfamiliar, pushing limits, creating discomfort and we witness the personal growth of the Hero.  This is the familiar “fish out of water” story line.

None of these stories work unless we see the “Ordinary World” from which the Hero has originally come. The coming of age is witnessed when we see the Hero overcoming obstacles, growing from their ordinary world and winning the sought after prize – the girl (or guy), the job, the self-actualisation or something of value to them.

When discomfort, restlessness or uneasiness begins – or some kind of polarity in life beings pulling you in different directions and causing stress – opportunity is knocking.  What better time to star in your own Hero’s Journey – alchemise the restlessness or discomfort and create gold out of the lead in your life.

Watch Stage 1 and next week, we’ll share Stage 2 – The Call to Adventure


Answer the following questions:

1. Do a quick inventory of your life to access where you are at. Consider your Needs, Wants, Desires, Values and different aspects like Career; Finances; Primary relationships; Well-being/Health

2. Identify an area of your life where you are feeling discomfort — restless — uneasy. Perhaps something life has suggested that you are in denial about something.

3. Is there something causing you stress where you feel like you are being pulled in different directions and you are not sure of what to do?

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Did love pass you by on Valentine’s Day?

Image courtesy of Julie Bennett – The Global Jewels

In my last post I shared the secrets of Alchemy. In signing off, I acknowledged that Valentine’s Day was just around the corner.

Valentine’s Day has now come and gone.  Was it a day of loving for you or a day that you wondered if you’ll ever find the happiness in a relationship you desire?

My good friend Julie Bennett of The Global Jewels, who lives in the US, wrote a beautiful blog post on her journey to finding a deep and satisfying love with her husband “Champion”.  Here she shares 6 tips to creating relationships of substance.

If you’re curious about how a woman who stayed single for most of her 20′s and 30′s found love, read her post Having the Courage to Love:  6 Relationship Tips.

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What if you could make the most of your mistakes?

What would it be like if you could take your mistakes, misfortunes and resentments and change them into something you treasure?

Not everyone is familiar with the term “Alchemy,” but when you learn the sacred science of Alchemy, your life can change in ways that you cant even imagine.

“Alchemising” a situation or a relationship involves a process that integrates science with the mysteries of spirituality.  Alchemy shows you how to take your mistakes, misfortunes and resentments and change them into positive experiences in your life – leaving you with no regrets!

Isn’t your life worth investing 5 minutes to discover more about Alchemy and turning the lead in your life into gold? Watch this short video to learn more about Alchemy and how it can free you to live a more joyful and prosperous life.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, maybe the most ‘loving’ thing you can do for yourself and others is to take stock of unresolved issues from either past or current relationships?

I invite you to take up the challenge and alchemise your relationships and your life.



Ps. If you are curious about how the magic of Alchemy could improve your relationships, click here to find out more about our upcoming program in Sydney.

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Spiritual Principal #12 – The Antidote to Guilt and Receiving

“Are You Ready for Forgiveness – The Antidote to Guilt and Receiving”

Spiritual Principle #12 is the final one for this series. It’s the antidote for guilt and it helps you to receive. I thought this one was appropriate for the holiday season.

To help you gain more from this series, I suggest you ask yourself: Am I the same person as when I began this spiritual journey? What transformations have occurred in my life? What new decisions have I made? What have I let go of? What am I going for next?

I’d love to know about some of your experiences. I find peoples spiritual journeys very inspiring.

When we practice spiritual principles in our daily life, we experience transformative changes. We grow – hopefully for the better. We become clear on matters or relationships that used to confuse us. We start expressing ourselves authentically, which makes us feel satisfied.

Our next focus will be on the process of Alchemy – which can change your life beyond transformation. Watch this space, so you can learn how to turn the lead in your life into gold!

If you’re ready to say goodbye to guilt and starting receiving more, then watch this short video click here and perhaps you’ll discover why I saved this principle for last!



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Spiritual Principle #11 The Antidote to Loneliness

“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”

In this popular song, the Rightous Brothers were speaking of the loneliness one feels when they have lost the feeling of love.

Surprisingly, the holiday season can be a lonely time for many. In fact, in the 30 years I have been practicing, I have heard more people talk about feeling lonely whilst in a relationship, than those who are single. Then there are those who feel lonely in a crowd, or at work; or with their friends.

Consider the people you interact with on a daily basis. You probably wouldn’t know who was suffering from loneliness. Why?  Because there seems to be quite a bit of shame associated with feeling lonely and people cover it up very well. They cover it up with “smiles”, “caretaking others” and especially with “busyness”. And doesn’t the Christmas season especially help people mask their loneliness with these acceptable behaviours?

If you’d like to learn more about the antidote to loneliness, then watch this short video and perhaps you can have a real connection with someone who is feeling lonely.



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Spiritual Principle #10 The Antidote to Anxiety

“All You Need is Love”

This concept made popular from the Beatles hit song is a powerful principle. Love has been known to heal, create euphoria and soothe the heart. Why then is it so confusing and dare I say frustrating?

The problem is that people confuse love with need. We don’t know how to love – especially when it comes to loving ourselves. Many of us “needed” more love in our formative years but unfortunately our caregivers didn’t have the resources or the knowledge to fully express their love and teach us how to love.

If you’d like to learn more about how to love others as well as yourself, then watch this short video to learn about the spiritual principle that will free you from anxiety and bring more joy into your life.



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